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Students are finishing up their novels this week. They have done a great job using their Reader’s Notebooks for student-led discussions! After finishing the book, each group will prepare a book talk to present to the rest of the class. They will be watching book trailers online to get ideas.






The students have been working really hard on drafting their stories for Young Authors. Now that drafts are finished, we started peer conferences today so that they could get feedback from a classmate before revising and editing.




Peer Editing Conference Form

I am thinking about all my Percy Jackson fans as I am listening to Rick Riordan at the International Reading Association conference in San Antonio. For those of you who have read or seen The Hunger Games: did you know that the story was inspired by the Greek myth about Theseus?


Mr. Livingston came to speak to third graders today. He taught us many things about rocks and minerals. Ask your child what a 100 Grand candy bar has to do with learning about rocks and minerals!





On Friday, Eli’s dad brought in some special visitors:  BABY BUNNIES! These 4-5 week old bunnies won our hearts. It was a great way to end the week. There is a new gallery on SmugMug with pictures of the students showering the bunnies with LOTS of affection! 


Today students learned about wants and needs with the nonfiction text Show Me the Money. As we read this book, we are talking a lot about text features that are frequently used in nonfiction texts.



Word Work: Our “favorite fancy words” books are going to be magnificent!


Identifying multiple meaning words in an Amelia Bedelia book.


Finding and listing examples of text features in self-selected non-fiction texts:


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Ms. Beal’s Class

  • Wow! 16/20 students completed Book-It for October. Let's go for 20/20 in November! 6 years ago
  • What an amazing Friday! Costumes were fabulous, students were well-behaved ALL day, and the party was awesome. Thanks everyone! 6 years ago
  • We had a good time at the Minnetrista Center. Check the blog and SmugMug to learn more! 6 years ago
  • I hope everyone has a wonderful fall break! Enjoy the beautiful weekend weather! 6 years ago
  • Today we did an Oreo Cookie Challenge as the basis for a writing activity. Be sure to ask you child about it! We had lots of laughs! 6 years ago